Dayton Parks

My name is Dayton Parks.

I have a non-traditional background in writing and business. After leaving the Air Force, I went to college and earned a degree in theology. While pursuing a ministerial career, I found the ministry wasn’t for me. Since then, I became a journeyman dental technician and ironworker. And I’ve started several successful businesses, including a day care, a carpet cleaning business, a skin care salon, an Ebay business, an Amazon business, and an online and retail motorcycle gear and accessories store.

Today I write on My writing focuses on writing, personal development, and being an entrepreneur.

Not everything I’ve tried has worked, so I’ve had my failures. But I’ve learned to turn my disappointments into opportunities. Today, I write about my passions with the goal to help others avoid the mistakes I’ve made and find success for themselves.

Writing to inspire people through self development is my vision.